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Rajadhiraja Yoga

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Rajadhiraja Yoga

Rajadhiraja yoga is designed to strengthen and transform the nervous system; comprising of a standing series, a kneeling section, a supine section and heart opening and spine releasing section this class is finished with deep relaxation that your body mind and soul are ready for after this magical sequence. During the class Seamless transitions keep us busy, whilst maintaining focus. The class contains 8 second breath holds, in various postures laid out throughout. The breath holds are particularly effective in targeting the internal organs and glands. The carbon dioxide ignites powerful processes, which we aim at specific areas of the body, improving our health and awareness over time. The postures are ancient but remain timeless in their ability to spark change in our mind and body. Options are available throughout to accommodate different levels and abilities.

About this class

  • Duration45 minutes
  • PropsNone
  • LevelBeginner
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