Free Alcohol Recovery eBook

This was my year to reach FLY, having unconditional love for myself 💪❤️

Reaching FLY has instilled in me an even deeper confidence!
I cleared my shit to own my shit! And realized I could be anybody I wanted to be……..as long as it was coming from my heart!

I have always loved reading and by the age of 10 I had read all the Roald Dahl books and Enid Blyton books.
I just loved immersing my self in books then when I reached senior school I realized how much I loved to write ✍️ I have always been as deep as the ocean 🤣 so was great to get it down on paper (we used actual paper in school then 🤣)

For some reason as my life progressed I fell out of these soul habits, but this year I got them back nourished my soul and now I am officially an author 🎉during the last few months I have been in my element writing and creating E books ❤️

Its such an unrealized dream come true I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel, to have written my ideas, experiences and philosophy’s down to create something that I truly believe will help you on your journey 🥰

Here is my first eBook – My Journey to Recovery – a free guide to 12 months alcohol free!