What does detoxing your body actually mean and how can yoga help do this?


The body is an incredible machine that is can self-eliminate toxins. However, certain lifestyle elements can affect the body’s ability to do this. Such things as stress, a bad diet, too much alcohol can overload the body causing it to have to work harder.

The body eliminates  toxins through the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic system. Yoga (teamed with a healthy diet) aids this process by getting rid of carbon dioxide, lymphatic fluid and lactic acid. Yoga encourages fresh oxygenated, nutrient rich blood to circulate the body serving all our vital and amazing internal organs.

A well-structured yoga class will encompass this process and you can see this by its genetics of twists, forward & backward bends and inversions.

So does this mean after a heavy weekend or midnight sweet binge a yoga class the next day will help???

The most honest answer is just one class ‘no.’ There is no quick fix, a consistent practice and good diet is the answer here, providing balance for the body.

A consistent practice is something we can help our student’s members achieve. It may not happen overnight, but with patience we promise you it is achievable.  The LYS platform has such a broad range of ever-growing content that is designed to enable a consistent practice for all by having a range of times and styles to suit all.

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