How core crunches can increase your confidence

 Why do my Free abs 21 day challenge?




1.Firstly making the commitment to yourself for 10 minutes assures you time absolutely dedicated to you! 

2. Secondly doing something for 21 days days builds consistency so you are more likely to continue with this healthy habit!

3.Thirdly strengthening your abs helps to strengthen your whole body because your centre in secure and your are less prone to injury

4.Finally your core centre is connected to your chakra power solar plexus (manipura) energy which can not only energise but help build our confidence!


Fun Fact 


Did you know that up until the age of 12 your core naturally kicks in but after that you have to work with it to keep the connection. This is the reason why when adults fall over they are more likely to hurt themselves than children! This is the reason we have to do abs work especially after having children. 


Because of consistent ab work at 40 and after 3 children I feel more connected to my core than ever. My abs feel stronger than ever and my solar plexus confidence is on fire!


As discussed, your third chakra is located in the core of the body, at the solar plexus. To fully be ourselves, we need a strong core. Balancing the third chakra means maximising your personal power and strength. 


When energy flows through the third chakra, we feel a strong sense of purpose and self-worth. If energy is blocked we feel the complete opposite


Practising the core postures in  my abs challenge with mindful breathing, helps release tension in the solar plexus, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


My beginners Ab crunches warm up the centre of the body and connect with the fiery energy of the sun.


The rest of the postures in my abs challenge build confidence and the final exercise, bridge pose aligns the third chakra.


Having an inactive blocked solar plexus can result in Low self-esteem. Lack of self-trust. Weak will power and Poor digestion. The feeling of being bloating is so much deeper than the way we look.


When I feel bloated, I feel sluggish and lethargic and in my experience this can often be the result of blocked feelings! Often when I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone I feel nerves in my stomach which can create anxiety. 


However when I work with my solar plexus by doing inner core work I can release the anxiety and my inner power!


Therefore the solar plexus chakra relates to the Fire Element so strong  core work is amazing to stimulate this chakra. 


While doing my challenge why don’t you connect with your chakra power as well as build sexy abs for summer 


During the challenge write in your journal or I phone


  • What am I resisting in my life right now? 


Where do I feel like I’m putting in too much effort? 


What is missing that would make it easier?


Where is my energy going, pay attention to that, 


Remember energy goes where attention flows, what really matters to me in life? 


Am I using my energy wisely?


Am I following the path of the least resistance?


Whilst asking these questions and doing my abs challenge you will allow yourself to unblock negative energy and harness your goddess power!


My 21 days with Estelle goddess squad are completing the challenge also while following my magical, nutritious food plans!


The foods we eat can fuel our chakras. The solar plexus colour is yellow, foods to feed this chakra are bananas, nuts, yellow peppers, quinoa, ginger, chamomile, cumin, turmeric and lemons


 Try this delicious banana smoothie to nourish your manipura chakra.


1 frozen banana

Pinch turmeric

Squeeze of lemon 

Cup of soya milk (gmo free)

Half a teaspoon of sugar free vanilla extract 


Put all the ingredients in a blender and enjoy!


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See you there!