How I became a Goddess Boss

At 29 years old I was a business owner. Becoming a buissiness owner seemed to happen overnight with the opportunity of opening a Bikram studio. My journey to becoming a boss however has been a lot more elongated and intense.



In fact becoming a goddess boss has been both soul destroying and soul enlightening all at the same time. How could a little old me be a CEO? 


How could a mum of 3 live the entrepreneur life?



How could someone who suffered from self doubt believe in their dreams…………I will tell you how! With my chakra super power tool kit!


Since I heard the word chakra something resonated within me, it was like my soul was remembering the imprint of the chakras on my soul. I heard about chakras in a yoga class and immediately wanted to find out more. The more i researched the chakras the more I loved them.


Once my chakra journey had started it soon become apparent to me that children need to know sooner rather than later about the magical superpowers we all hold within.


With children the super power magic to them is second nature and the more I worked with my yogaBears and saw how chakra super power lit the children up the more convinced I was about the power of the chakras.


The longer I taught the chakas the more embodied I became within them thus the more I lived them and allowed them to cross over to my goddess Boss life


The chakras have superfuelled my business let me explain what the chakras are.


I concur with the tradition of yoga and many New Age practices. The chakras are vital centres of energy that exist in all of us. I know these constantly spinning energy vortexes are not visible to the human eye however I believe they are essential to our ongoing development.


The flow of Chakras is essential to health and there is science to proove it.


Dr Joe Dispenza has proven that the chakras are individual centres that have their own frequency and energy. Dr Joe highlights the magic of the energy centres. He says each energy centre emits different information and/or intentions; which correlates to its own indvidual glands, hormones, and chemistry; and houses its own unique plexuses of neurons.


You could think of them as invisible energy organs, each one self-contained and having functions that impact all parts of the whole.


The chakra energy centres are just like each strand of the rainbow.



Karla herbert a licensed counsellor, yoga therapist and author of The Chakras in Grief and Trauma, states the chakras are constantly moving at varying speeds in an effort to maintain homeostasis in the body. 

Helbet highlights that each one governs different physical and mental components of our being.


The three lower chakras are linked to our “earthly” existence, including our survival instinct, reproduction, creation and self-confidence, all essential tools to our Goddess boss life.


In my experience when I am connected to my muladara chakra (the first chakra at the bottom of the spine) I am capable of growing to the skys.



The base chakra I describe as the roots of the tree.



When you nuture your roots. When you get the right nourishment of action, rest, fuel and fun.


When you look after your body mind and soul you can grow to the skys.


This body, mind soul nourished life is exactly the life I am living


When you feel nourished you are confident to have faith in your inner knowing and creativity which will lead you to you own unique authentic life path!


 After the base chakrs comes the heart chakra which is linked to empathy and acceptance of others. So you can thrive in your community.



Thriving with compassion and empathy in a community is essential to lead a team. As a Goddess boss but also to be a compassionate team player. When one Goddess rises so does her tribe team.





The upper three chakras are linked to less physical attributes, including self-expression, intuition and connection to the divine. The upper chakras assisst in making our dreams come true.




They come true when you are being true to you!



When we all bring our authentic unique super powers to the table the Goddess boss and her Goddess team is unstoppable!


Connecting to my Goddess tool kit has been a game changer for me. I can’t wait to share my tools and magic tricks of the Goddess Boss tool kit with you.




Drop me a message @estellelyslife to be the first to receive my Goddess Boss toolkit, I can’t wait to hear from you.