Michelle’s Journey

The Only Way Out Is Through

Recently a beautiful lady called Michelle, joined our LYS member family via The 21 Days with Estelle -plan/goddess circle!

Whilst all of our journeys and reasons for coming to the platform & plan are unique and inspiring, Michelle’s story had us all here at LYS feeling emotional and in complete awe.

Who is Michelle?

Well you will meet Michelle on the LIVE over on Instagram on the 22nd April at 7pm. Michelle who suffers with depression & bi polar, is currently fighting her way through 16 rounds of chemotherapy aiding her battle and victory over Cancer. Michelle who recently underwent a mastectomy & carries the triple negative gene, meaning future surgery. Michelle is due to ring the famous ‘bell’ on the 27th April! Michelle is a mum and throughout this journey she has fought and balanced her mental health by focusing on her physical & mental wellbeing.

Want to hear the full story?

Join Michelle and Estelle as they chat about Michelles inspiring story of how she is beating cancer not just with chemotherapy but with a positive mindset, self care and movement. Michelle will talk in-depth about how her experience with bio polar and how depression and 16 rounds of chemo is not holding her back.

Michelle is a goddess who is on a journey of body, mind and soul transformation tune into be inspired!

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