New 21 Days

21 Days  with Estelle!

This time the focus is:

Push & Pull ~ Bodyweight Style!

FLY push/pull workout will hit the major upper body muscles effectively using yoga inspired fitness moves.

Day 1: Push FLY fitness
Day 2: Pull FLY fitness
Day 3: Targeting your legs and core

So what is Push Pull workout?

A push-pull training split generally refers to workouts centered around muscle groups that perform similar actions. “

“Push” workouts target the chest, shoulders, and triceps

“Pull” workouts train the back, biceps, and forearms.

Push Pull FLY Fitness classes will take us back to the basic movements of pushing and pulling, so is perfect for beginners to fitness and yoga

When you split your workout week into each body part in this way you’re allowing each part to recover in between.

Fitness is something people can over-complicate.

FLY fitness push-pull training regime helps bring it back to the basic mechanics of the muscle group movements and from there we can FLY!

If your goal of fitness is to lose weight and gain muscle. FLY is especially for you as it will allow for both.


  • 21 Day Plan – E-Book containing ‘clearing your sh*%t’ guide points for each week. Containing educational content regarding mindset, emotional intelligence and body awareness.
  • Individual Macronutrients Dietary metrics provided
  • Food Plan Diet Advice
  • Access to 4 LIVE workouts per week
  • LIVE workouts will be recorded and uploaded
  • FULL Access to the LYS Platform Pre-recorded fitness & yoga classes with weekly guidance of classes to take.
  • 10 Day meal plan ideas
  • Meditation training
  • Journaling guidance

Are you ready to shape up, the warmer weather is nearly here, it’s time to get body confident!!

This time round you will also receive 10 whole days worth of meal ideas to support your journey.

If you’ve tried diets before and they haven’t worked, 21 Days with Estelle is all about letting go of the past and learning what serves your body. Its a low carb diet and you’ll workout at least 3 times per week.


Mondays 06:30am

Tuesdays 06:30am

Wednesday 06:30am

Friday 06:30am

All Lives are recorded and available on the LYS platform each day!

Private Instagram and Whats App group are there to support your journey!