The Time is Now!


No more tomorrow’s or next week to be the best version of you, no more after the weekend or just one last binge or “treat”. Why do we sometimes refer to harming the body with excess sugar or alcohol as a treat when we know we are going to feel the repercussions with a hangover of some sort. It’s not just alcohol, food can give us hangovers too with so many additives and hidden nasties in processed food it’s no surprise!

Imagine you could just make one little change a day to your life to make it healthier, we can all do it! Whether it be sitting in silence for 5 minutes rather than going straight to the Insta feed or hydrating before caffeinating. Sitting in silence has massive benefits, if you sit long enough you will actually hear the calling of your heart rather than the call of society norms or social media perfectionism and pretence. Another great addition is having water before that morning coffee, which can make a big difference, hydration helps to promote cardiovascular health, allows your body to calm and cool, helps muscles and joints work better, keeps skin supple, basically water is a badass and helps cleanse your whole body from the inside and out…….so hit the bottle! Of H20.

The above is a generalisation of what many of us can probably do to boost our health but if we start to look closer, we will all have individual targets we can self-improve on, for example we may need to be kinder to ourselves by telling ourselves we are strong, capable and beautiful even if we don’t believe it…..sometimes you got to fake before you make it and if you say it enough you will start to believe it! Then your super power of strength and beauty will shine through right to you and then the world!

Another way to make a positive change is to be there for others, it’s easy in this current climate to feel helpless so when you feel helpless help someone! Does your friend need a chat or that co-worker who you clash with, need some kind words…..by lifting others up we in turn lift ourselves up! There is no selfless good deed because the more we give of ourselves the more we feed our soul! 

If you feel fear right now another amazing way to feed your soul and gain more perspective not just on yourself but on the outside world is to make a commitment to yourself! Promise you…. you time, to check in with you, wake up early enough to think before you switch on your phone maybe do a meditation or just in silence with your morning water and coffee. 

Another great way to check in with you, is to set a reminder on your phone to check in with yourself! How empowering to make a date with yourself set the time and make a daily date! Maybe after lunch and ask how are you feeling? Why are you feeling that way? Then a bed time date, check in before bed. Was it a good idea to watch the main stream news before bed? Instead Why not? read a self-help book to avoid negative news which is often very biased and may be using propaganda for a bigger agender? Instead make you the priority.

READING Recommendation: Top of my reading list is always Joe Dispenza, if your looking for reading inspo! He puts the science to superpowers and making your dreams reality! 

By scheduling daily dates with you, you will start to see patterns in your own behaviour for eg; if you ate a high carb lunch and are feeling tired maybe you need more protein! or if you feel tight because you have sat in a chair all morning maybe set time for a walk or one of our quick fix classes at LYS ONLINE, 20 mins is all you need to reflect reset and recharge the power is yours, let’s all live the LYS life!

Now more than ever your need to own your power, you have the power to strengthen your mind and body, boost your mood and your immunity it all starts with you, love yourself and the rest will follow.

The time is now to live the LYS life.

Myself and my team at LYS are here to support you, every step of the way!