Where to Start at LYS

Welcome to the family

Are you ready to start your LYS Life journey and are looking for the best place to start?


Here’s some info from us on where to start drawing on the two most popular reasons people tell us they join us here at LYS!


I want to get fit, lose weight, in need of more energy


At LYS all of our mainstream classes are beginner friendly. It’s a question we are asked a lot, “which classes are good for beginners” and our answer is always the same, “it depends where your minds at?” The reason for this is mainly because within the first  five mins of exercise our minds will tell us, “you can’t do this” or “this is too hard for you.” when in reality your body is only just getting going and the little monkey inside your brain is trying to fill you with self-doubt. Therefore, being in the right mindset is crucial before you even start to scroll through the class list.


“Tell yourself, “No matter what class I chose, I can do it!”


Next step, select your ‘ Level.’ In this category you will be looking to select a class in the ‘Up the Pace’ or ‘Challenge Yourself’ levels. Take a look through the classes and see what jumps out at you and pick it, read the description and get ready to start. The reason we suggest for you to not ponder to long is that we could procrastinate all day about which class is best, however you will only know for sure, once you jump in and give it a go.


“Remember it’s a marathon not a race!”


The key to a successful class is to go at your own pace to begin with. If the teacher says hold for five breaths but today you can only hold for two, then well done!!! That’s a great achievement and you have three further breaths to work towards in the future. At times, we can be too quick out of the blocks and this over exertion at the start of class leads to our bodies being fatigued and our minds defeated for the rest of the class.


“Try to mix it up as much as you can”


By mixing up your workout schedule you’ll keep your mind interested and your body challenged. All of our classes will aid a fitter healthier body so you really can’t go wrong. Working out from home is undeniably amazing but at times we need that bit of help to get us to the mat, trying a new class is that perfect push because it’s a new experience!


I need to destress, reduce anxiety, switch my fight or flight mode off!


Since starting LYS all those years ago, this category tends to be the one that the majority of our members fall into. One huge benefit of our studios in Liverpool is the human touch and our team being able to speak directly to members about what classes to take to aid stress reduction. However, we have compiled all those years of experience into our online team and offering to be able to reconstruct this connection in the virtual world.


“Time to bust a myth”


It’s an opinion held by some that to destress you need to take yourself off to a quiet place and be alone with your thoughts. Whilst, we agree partially that this has a place in the reduction of stress, it may not be the best place to start and here is why.. Only you..yes you…will know on the day, which type of class you need to disrupt the flow of stress. Here are some scenarios that we have picked up over the years and hopefully they will help you to make your choice.


Under Pressure/ Tired/ Body Aches


In this scenario we would recommend trying a gentle class, the reasons for this are to try and not add any further stress to the body and mind. Yin and restorative practices are good here.


Need to Switch Off


In this scenario you may be best placed to try an intense workout. The intensity and self-focus required in classes such as these can divert your mind away from your struggles and focus it inwards, before you know it 30mins has passed and you haven’t given your struggles a thought! This is power!


I Need A Transformation (Body & Mind)


Transform Transform Transform!!! We have a seven week Transform program that was designed especially for this reason. This program, is to help you transform your body and mind so for body or mind transformations, start here!

Our Recommendation


Start with your breath, if you have overwhelming thoughts and emotions you need to ground and you can do this with your breath. Head straight to the Anxiety Busting series and follow Sarah’s guided breath at the start of episode 1. Once you’ve completed this, then tune in with the body, do you need some happy hormones, or do you need some rest? Intuitively select your class, if your mind is racing a yin class may not work today, maybe try a vinyasa flow or one of Estelle’s tutorials, if you need to ground head to a Muladahra class with Estelle or Sarah. Ultimately, no matter what your choice,


Any Class Is Better Than No Class!!


No matter what your motivation is to join us here at LYS, we promise you that there is a class for all. A really great place for everyone is within one of our LIVE classes. We speak to many LYS members and we understand the fear a LIVE class can bring, and we get it!! However, you are in safe hands with us. You define your relationship with the LIVE class if you do not wish to have your camera on, that’s ok!! There is no pressure but maybe join us at the end of class to say goodbye!!


Our Reception Staff Are There To Help!


As of Saturday 6th Feb our reception team will be LIVE at the start of every LIVE session for you to ask any questions you may have. You can send private messages to the host or just shout out and Emma (the most experienced LYS receptionist)will be able to help!


We hope you have enjoyed this short guide to “where to start with LYS” However if you still have questions please drop us an email at info@mylyslife.com