Why You Should FLY!

After the success of my previous plans and last 21 days I am super excited to be starting our next 21 days on Monday!


I love waking up with my goddess community  for our 6.30am classes, although all classes are recorded also all my girls have said how they love the routine that the early morning classes brings!


This time around for FLY fitness we are focusing on push pull techniques to not only help us on our fitness journey but also raise our functional movement ability in every day life!


Fly fitness push pull is a concept that structures workouts based on whether the muscle performs a pushing or pulling action.


The push-pull training regimen supports muscle recovery, and anyone can perform the workouts.


So what is Push Pull workout?


A push-pull training split generally refers to workouts centred around muscle groups that perform similar actions. “


“Push” workouts target the chest, shoulders, and triceps


“Pull” workouts train the back, biceps, and forearms.


Push Pull FLY Fitness classes will take us back to the basic movements of pushing and pulling, so is perfect for beginners to fitness and yoga


When you split your workout week into each body part in this way you’re allowing each part to recover in between.


Fitness is something people can over-complicate.


FLY fitness push-pull training regime helps bring it back to the basic mechanics of the muscle group movements and from there we can FLY!


If your goal of fitness is to lose weight and gain muscle. FLY is especially for you as it will allow for both.


Fly fitness push pull is a concept that structures workouts based on whether the muscle performs a pushing or pulling action.


The push-pull training method supports muscle recovery, and anyone can perform the workouts.



The FLY push pull method supports muscle mobility and recovery and can be performed by anyone, regardless of your age or level of fitness!


FLY is progressive body weight-training, which means that each basic exercise / skill can be classified into easier and more difficult exercises. 


This is the reason why absolutely every person can do my FLY classes, regardless age or level of skills. For every ability, there is a suitable exercise to begin with and progress with!


Even yogis should do it! 


FLY classes use traditional yoga moves and recognised fitness moves that not only support each other but are also directly related. The stronger and aligned your lunges the more gracefully you can flow through your warriors and we do both!


Within FLY classes we use basic exercises that can be made either easier or more difficult, without any equipment needed! 


If you are not yet able to do a chaturanga you can start with a push-up on your knees


If you find push-ups too easy, you can put your legs on a raised object, we do it all! This way my goddess squad can use the same basic exercise, at a level that suits them.


FLY classes use Yoga, barre and Calisthenics to create a workout that uses a person’s body weight with little or no equipment. Although eventually we can add weight it is more important we get the balance and alignment right!


Unfortunately According to the movement athlete so many people hurt themselves in the gym because they don’t have strong foundations callisthenics can bring. 


I believe callisthenics and yoga is a winning combination to not only transform your body but also create strong functional movement!


I always say what the point of being able to do splits but not being strong in the hips, its not going to serve me when I am 80! So i do the splits but I do my hips thrusts too!



My FLY classes during my 21 days involve movements that use large muscle groups, such as pushups however because I focus on the the method of push pull we carefully wake up the intrinsic shoulder muscles first,


 The work that you put in during my FLY classes helps to improve coordination, flexibility, and strength. Pulling method helps you to put on your seat belt and pick up your toddler. While you need pushing for not only moving big objects in the home or pushing your childs bike but also for little movements like putting in a plug!


There are a wide variety of exercises that we use during our FLY fitness classes including lunges, jumping jacks, squats, sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, planks, little dances in between are optional!



Overall, the goal of my FLY classes is to improve your muscular and aerobic condition, as well as your balance and coordination, which makes my FLY classes perfect for everybody!.



According to researchers, calisthenic and  body weight exercises like those uses in FLY can produce similar physical results. In one study researchers had 15 men follow a weight-based training workout and 17 men follow the U.S. Army’s calisthenic-based Standardised Physical Training program for 1.5 hours a day, five days a week, for eight weeks. At the end of the eight weeks, both groups’ fitness increased to a similar degree.


Therefore workouts like my FLY classes that use Calisthenic exercises appear to increase physical fitness to a similar degree as weight-based training exercises. The benefit of this type of movement over weight-based training exercises is that classes require little-to-no additional equipment — all you need is your you! 


And I got you! We all have to start somewhere so lets start together!



Here is what the community have to say:


“Been a great 21 days and I’ve learned so much 1. What nutritional value is actually IN the food I eat!!!  2. Getting up early starts the day off sooooo calmly  3.  Time for reflection and meditation helps me stay focused on the important stuff and let the go. Thank you so much for the brilliant kick start into 2022 – SUE



“I enjoy it so much u know used to think exercising was going to b a chore but it never is we have a proper family and it’s just so fun and I’m starting to tone and notice a more significant difference which is awesome but mentally I couldn’t do without u – SARAH


“I have told everyone to join. I have lost 17lbs and although I didn’t do all the morning zooms I followed everything you said. So much so I lost a further 2lb in between Christmas by choosing wisely like you said. I only had one glass of wine. Nothing since or from October but to be fair am not a big drinker. I am an emotional eater. Would rather have chocolate than alcohol. My addiction is sugar. Well it used to be until I started my plans with you – SANDRA x”