Your Truth is your Super Power

To know yourself is the greatest union you can have

To know that you are pure love

We come into This world as pure beings of love and light, but sooner or later the world begins to dull our sparkle

If we have safe and strong connections with parents at birth this is the ultimate blessing, but often we can immediately pick up on close family’s hurts, pains and shames without them or us even knowing it!

Because of this from Birth we become distracted from our soul purpose and journey…….and maybe that’s exactly as it is supposed to be as we enter the school of life!

Throughout life we can become more and more oppressed by society’s rules and expectations.
We think we have to be everything else but our selves to thrive and survive! But this is so untrue because we are not being true to ourselves!

The more true we our to ourselves the more we listen to that inner knowing who instinctively knows the way! Although this might seem crazy to the world it is not crazy to your inner universe!

By doing what the world expects and not what our soul is calling for is how we lose our way.

The more we can listen to our true selves the more our inner knowing our guide can lead us forward!

In your inner universe there are no age restrictions, no you have to be 💯 perfect. In fact the world needs to see more of the imperfections. Your perceived imperfections are what is real and raw! Your rawness will inspire others to lead forward on their own universe crusade!

This week we have moved forward into a new moon this is the perfect time to listen to your inner knowing to set new intentions,

New moons are the first phase of the lunar cycle and thus are known for new beginnings. The magical energy of new beginnings is a great time to set goals! Today why not start to create something new and reflect on your soul calling.

Find that stillness today or this week to listen to what your soul is calling for!

This might feel uncomfortable but sit with it, write down what your uncomfortable with! If it’s a person look for what they are triggering in you? If they are causing you anxiety maybe they are the catalyst to show you how to step out of your comfort zone!

Anxiety and fear can come just as you step into your true self which can feel completely out of your comfort zone: the cage of comfort you have created for yourself!

“You can devote your whole life to the process of making sure everything fits within your limited model, or you can devote your life to freeing yourself from the limits of your model”#theuntetheredsoul #micahelA.Singer


The time is now to break free of your limited model and move towards a new phase of complete truth!

so embrace the fears and then learn to harness it to empower you!

Feel the edges we create! To become expansive of the space of the cage you may have become trapped in.

We create comfort in our little bubbles of comfort. When we touch the edges of the cage we have created, it can almost feel like an electrical shock as our fear is ignited! But let the current power you home towards your truth!

This is the perfect time to do my Rebirth kriya, to turn fear into freedom!https://youtu.be/c9DH1Zrg3xg

When you have completed the Kriya.

(for maximum impact do for 40 consecutive days)
Why not in your journal or I phone let all of your thoughts on your new moon intentions flow to take you towards your truth 📱

• This new phase I call in…
• This new phase I intend to…
• I am guided to start…
• I am guided to create…

Let’s journey beyond ourselves together to the collective truth 🙏❤️