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You’ll get exclusive access to over 70 of our best online fitness classes and programmes, so you can find the workout that ticks all your boxes and helps you have a lot more fun with fitness.

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Looking for a way to boost that workout motivation and keep track of your achievements? Our online programs are the perfect fit for those who need a little more guidance and support.

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Get unlimited access to the best online yoga, meditation, pilates & fitness classes wherever you are with livestream classes on your phone to on demand workouts at home for only £14.99/month.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does my trial work?
    The 14 day trial period is designed to give you the opportunity to explore LYS and take as many classes as you can. We have a variety of classes to suit all personalities, schedules, body types and ambition. You are your best teacher and will find classes that you like and those you might not like as much - we believe that crucial 'getting to know us time' should be on us!
  • What does my trial include?
    Your trial includes full and unrestricted access to all on demand classes, programs and LIVE classes.
  • When does my trial start?
    Your trial starts straight away so our advice would be to register when you have time to browse the platform. Use this time to create your weekly workout schedule or pick which class you would like to do first!
  • How does the LYS Life subscription work?
    LYS Life is an auto-recurring subscription. Your accounts are auto-billed on the same day each month unless canceled as stipulated in our Terms & Conditions. You have the ability to cancel anytime prior to your next billing date on the website and the LYS Life Customer Team is happy to assist in the process!
  • What happens at the end of my trial?
    During your trial period, you’ll have plenty of time to try out our classes and meet our amazing teachers. We’ll even recommend some classes we think you’ll love, so you can dive right in.

    We want your fitness journey to be seamless, so after your trial ends, your paid membership will begin automatically. We’ll continue to charge your account each month using the credit card you registered with, unless you update your payment details or cancel your account. If you choose to cancel your account during your trial period, you won’t be charged any fees.

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