Confidence is the key to owning any meeting!


Personally I feel confident when I am completely in line with who I am, my dreams and who I am becoming! 


You see who I am is amazing, but I constantly have an inner drive to reach higher and become a better version of me! 


Wanting to change, grow, transform and transpire is not coming from a place of unworthiness it’s coming from a place of complete self love and compassion, knowing that you are worthy of all the universe has to offer! 


Every meeting you take should be looked at like an opportunity for you to rise higher whether it’s just the experience of the meeting or the opportunity’s the meeting can create. 


 Before an important Business meeting I live by these 3 simple rules; 


  1. Know your sh*t 
  2. Own your sh@t 
  3. Feel fabulous



Be prepared for your meeting by educating yourself on the person and their brand, job title and cause this could be as simple as searching them up on Google or following them on insta. It is good to feel like you know someone before a meeting. That way you can meet them at a level of understanding and compassion. For example if someone is vegan it might not be best to pitch your new line of high protein beef burgers, however it might be the perfect opportunity to present your eco friendly packaging. 



In my experience the best way to own your shit is to be in complete alignment with who you Are and what your personal brand is! 



One of the reasons I don’t drink alcohol is because even if I had a drink on Saturday I still don’t feel like I would be representing my best self or my wellness empire on Wednesday! For me it’s all about the feel good factor and because of my experience of hangovers, alcohol had to go so I could truly own my shit!! I am not saying everyone should give up alcohol but find time each day, especially before a meeting to take a magic moment to connect to your inner knowing, your inner guidance to put you in alignment with you! This could be simply standing still in your tracks to absorb nature or savouring  that morning coffee just yourself and your fav mug. Whatever comes to your mind, maybe it’s saying don’t take that third meeting in one day or make a date with your husband all helping you to be in complete alignment and happy.


The best way to own your shit therefore is to take time to know who you are, never go into a meeting rushed and stressed, simply strut in and own it! 


You know when you feel fabulous you can’t help but exude a fabulous energy so feeling good and looking good is the magical recipe to help your clients, peers and colleagues feel fabulous too. Fabulousness really is infectious! So before your meeting take it as preparation to get that blow dry or do that yoga class whatever it is that will help you feel fabulous. Make sure you put fabulous time in your diary pre meeting as this is just as important as the meeting itself! 


I am wishing you all the love, luck and fabulousness on your next meeting. We got this goddess. 

Remember to know it! Own it! Feel it!