How Do Live Classes Work?

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So you’ve checked out our LIVE Schedule and you’re wondering how does it work, here’s the info you need.


At LYS our community is everything! The LIVE classes are the heartbeat of what we offer at LYS. It is our opportunity to connect with our community in real-time which is so vitally important to us all. Our LIVE schedule features a wide variety of classes from across the LYS spectrum.


What Do I Need To Do?


  1. Check out the LYS LIVE Schedule page here https://mylyslife.com/live-schedule/
  2. Select the class you would like to attend by hitting ‘Book session’
  3. Within 2 hours of your class time we will send an email with joining instructions.  All classes are held on the ‘Zoom’ platform.
  4. At the time of the class, hit the link in your email for admittance to the LYS waiting room. There you will find one of our reception team who will admit you to the class.
  5. If there are any questions before class, please ask the reception by private chat and if there are any injuries, we need to be aware please place them in there also.
  6. The Teachers camera will be the one you all see for the entire class.
  7. All microphones are muted until the end of class.
  8. It is completely your choice as to whether you would like to have your camera on or off, there is no pressure from us.
  9. Admittance to class is permitted until five minutes past the start time.
  10. Enjoy the class!!


As of February 2020 all LIVE classes will be hosted by the LYS Reception Team if you have any issues regarding class links, please drop them an email at info@mylyslife.com and they will have them sent over!!!