You need to own it!

This was the conclusion of our Instagram LIVE today with LYS Creator Estelle and Gen Manager Vicky!

Today we discussed motivational challenges and triggers. Whether you are new to Fitness or a seasoned pro there will be times your commitment will be challenged. It’s life but what’s important is how we get back to it, or kick start it for the first time.So here is a quick summary of our top tips from todays chat!

It’s your power….

You and you alone have the power to engage or disengage your mindset. Your adaptability is the key to making things happen and also making them a success. You need to understand you have the power and move forward with confidence. Let go of the fear!


Create your space…..

We always feel like we need to be doing something….and whilst we agree we do need to exercise, sometimes you need to create space first. You need to figure out your plan, how are you going to get started. What arrangements do you need to make? Sometimes it’s not just our own arrangements, we may need the buy in of our family members etc. Making small changes, creating small steps towards where we are heading are much better than none at all!


Make it all about you!

It’s your journey and yours alone. It’s nice to work-out with friends! but, sometimes we can almost create a workout schedule that coexists with our friends. This type of relationship can work both ways, its can be great to motivate you at times but also a demotivating factor also. Make sure that you own your workout schedule and if you see your friends along. the way, then ‘bonus!’


Food is fuel for motivation!

This was the overarching consensus. Our food is our fuel for motivation. When we are eating right, our body and mind are fuelled ready to take on the world. Looking at what foods provide for our bodies is the key to understanding their feel good impact. There are certain foods and drinks that lower our energy both physical and mental! Eradicate them when you feel your motivation is low and replace them with mind body energising foods!


Here’s the link for the LIVE if you would like to catch up on today’s LIVE!