I am a Level 2&3 qualified personal trainer and have been a member of LYS on an off for 7 years, between travelling, working and studying!
Last years lockdown I was given the opportunity to study and after years of being in love with training I decided to finally do it!

Over the last 7 years I’ve not only practiced yoga regularly but I have tried out training in many various ways leading to finding my personal passion; weight lifting, I love to focus on strengthening and conditioning the body, not just making it look good!

I believe in creating harmony between the physical body and the mind in order to become the most confident, balanced and beautiful version of yourself and really truly feel it!
My own experiences within health and fitness have led me to be invested in the health of my clients mind as well as body, believing that the two must be prioritised and nurtured together in order to make consistent and powerful life changes that work best for YOU!
I am currently studying a mental health awareness qualification to assist me in my journey as a health and wellness coach!

I can promise that I will be actively invested in anyone’s health that wants me to be a part of their journey and pass on everything I have learnt myself.

Everyone is different and I live for helping people find the kind of training that gets them out of bed in the morning and gets them excited to train!

Whoever you are, we will find your fit!

  • Speciality: Personal Training