Yoga Instructor


My Yoga journey started when I was 13 years old when my mum took me to my first session. Over my teenage years I dipped into different Yoga classes but never taking it that seriously, just enjoying the break from my busy adolescent brain.

I came back to Yoga as an adult and started a regular, daily practice about three years ago – and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Alongside Yoga I’ve been a youth worker for six years, working with young people of all ages specialising in creative education and health and wellbeing.

The children and young people I was working with saw my passion for Yoga and started to ask me to lead sessions for them. This led me to train with YogaBears and Yoga Kidz Worldwide to teach Yoga, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation to children and young people.

I’m passionate about teaching Yoga and creating a space for children and young people to breath and have a break from the everyday.

Life is hectic and dealing with our forever changing lives can be difficult to cope with sometimes. Yoga has bought a focus and stillness into my life and given me strength when I’ve needed it most. I love sharing this passion with others.

  • Speciality: Vinyasa Flow