Yoga Instructor


Megs.. better known online as ‘Yoga Megs’ has been practicing yoga since 2016 when her mum bought a groupon and dragged her off to hot yoga, and she’s never looked back! A true Ashtangi at heart Megs is a sucker for the structure and routine a set sequence practice like Ashtanga gives you, allowing your body to truly learn the postures which then enables you to move without thought, just breath. Although quite strong in her own practice Megs works a lot with beginners, breaking down postures and advising variations to allow everyone to practice safely and really reap the benefit from each class.
Recently qualified in Yin yoga she has delved deeper into her yogic study, learning more on anatomy and how the body works within yoga, something which she loves to share in any way she can. A keen foodie, Megs updates super healthy and wholesome recipes to her blog on a regular basis along with her personal musings on all things yoga and life!

  • Speciality: Ashtanga, Yin
  • Courses: 10