Yoga & Meditation Instructor


Namaste peeps! My name is Natalie. I am a soul seeking, smoothie loving intuitive. At the age of 33, after spending 15 years of my life as a singer and vocal coach, I quit my job and headed to California to study yoga to find answers to questions I had about this thing called life!
I now share these learnings as a writer, podcaster, radio presenter and intuitive coach. My passion is to guide people to trust their instinct, delve deep for the truth and awaken their soul’s potential. I absolutely love yoga and meditation as a wellbeing tool and so delighted to be sharing my teachings here with you at myLYSlife, guiding you to a live a life fuelled by your soul.

  • Speciality: Wellbeing, Vinyasa Flow
  • Courses: 9
  • Qualifications: Certified Wellbeing Coach, Raw Horizons Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor, White Lotus Yoga Alliance America Master Hypnotherapist, Gwiz Certified Master Practitioner of NLP Gwiz, ANLP and iNLP Reiki II Usui System IG Natural Healing