Fitness Instructor


Hey, I’m Stacie co-founder of Titan Academy since 2003. I began my training in London, after a few years moved to the Middle East and co-founded 4 gyms, it was there that I found my passion for fitness performance whilst working with some of the top Olympic athletes and para-Olympic athletes that then went on to compete in Athens in 2004 and returned with Gold medals. Now in sunny Spain I have been helping people find their way in the murky mis-informed fitness industry, from 70+ fitness to Olympic conditioning. My favourite focus is female sculpting through fitness & nutrition, I enjoy seeing them transform on a weekly basis. Everyone knows me for my wild Incinerator & Spin classes that I have been running since 2015, we have done many themed classes from military to 80s (lol) have a wonderful husband & we have worked hand in hand for 19 years now sharing our love for fitness and martial arts. With 3 wonderful boys 7, 11 & 15 there’s always a new surprise, they keep me busy! Since practicing Judo for 24 years and now a Judo Black Belt I’m happy to say that my passion has rubbed off on my kiddos and they regularly compete in European competitions.

  • Speciality: Fitness, Nutrition, Incinerator, Spin
  • Courses: 6