Life Coaching

Body Mind Soul

Body 2 Body

All classes finish with a meditation and after 40 mins of tuning and toning your body, meditation is more accessible because your body is open and your mind is more free to explore the magic of meditation. Reseting your body & mind.

mind Mind

During Estelle's 12 years experience of being a teacher she has done many training in yoga, fitness and Pilates and she has combined her love and knowledge of them all to address not just the physical but the spiritual body while working out.

Soul Soul

The soul, the observer, the innocent bystander in our life. Estelle mentorship is designed to fill your soul helping you identify what your soul is yearning for, her approach helps you to identify between the physical want and your soul's calling.

Week by Week Guide

  • Week 1
    During the first week you will set up new routines and rituals to let go of sabotage.
  • Week 2
    In the second week you will connect to and create the God/Goddess.
  • Week 3
    In the third week connect to the God/Goddess Guideposts that resonate most with you.
  • Week 4
    In the fourth week we delve into body mind and soul intuition leading into your final days.
  • Final 5 days
    Doing something everyday that you were reluctant to do before your mentorship started.