21 Days With Estelle Holistic Wellness Plan

After one of the most challenging years of my life!

I am proud to say I am still standing strong in my goddess presence.

Throughout this year when the challenges have hit I have been so very grateful for my goddess spirit tools, I have learned along the last 10 years I call this FLY! 

First Love Yourself,

When you have this concept at the centre of your being, the challenges will come, but you can stay strong at your Goddess centre, and not just overcome challenges…….but learn how to help them allow you to fuel you, to lift you to the sky’s so you can literally FLY.

Throughout all the challenges this year of grief, moving country, toddler tantrums (that’s not just the 2 year old hehe) business developments and house renovations,

I have owned my shit, and not binged on alcohol or food and kept up a consistent yoga, fitness and meditation practice.

This commitment has helped me to let go when  emotions become high…… I literally let go of my shit—to own my shit— and I want to help you do this same!

So I have devised my body, mind and soul plan especially for you.


21 days to FLY  Starts Feb 21st!


Fitness: mind fit! Body fit! Fit food plan.

Loving yourself 



On my 21 day journey you will cultivate the tools to create a happy and healthier self image its not about changing yourself, it’s about realising,


‘who you came here to be’ and ‘having the confidence to be her’.



Within the 21 days you will make the commitment to yourself and your journey to FLY!  All you have to do is show up each day, whether it be for your FLY fitness class, your magical meditation, your journal time, or taking your time to nourish yourself with food, this is all time invested in you.


My FLY plan is not a restrictive food plan,

I will show you the tools to create your own meals so that you are reaching all our protein, fat, and carb goals for that day! I will never say you cant have treats as long as they are treats that don’t make you feel groggy after we are all about the feel good! And I will let you into a secret…. everyday I have chocolate. It is my non-negotiable and I can help you discover yours! 


Healthy living is about living and not restricting,

My FLY plan is all about balance and respecting your body as a goddess vessel! You wouldn’t put bad fuel into a car so why would we do it to ourselves but that’s exactly what we do with negative self talk, eating foods that don’t make us feel good, and often having people in our lives who don’t make us feel good.

It’s time to clear out our shit and detox ourselves of toxicity, by addressing our acts of self sabotage, our illusion with perfectionism and our fear of smashing through the glass ceilings we have created for ourselves.

It’s time to FLY


You will love my FLY fitness classes.


We will get to meet LIVE via zoom classes to feel the amazing vibe from our goddess squad while strengthening and stretching your body. In addition you also get full access to my LYS online platform with an abundance of yoga and fitness classes from me and my team. The LIVE classes are 6.30am so you can fit them into your busy schedule and start the day the FLY way, please don’t worry if you miss them, they will be uploaded for you each day!