Bikram Yoga


You may have heard of Bikram and you may have even practiced it, but are you now ready to practice the ‘full’ sequence at home. 

Bikram is more than just yoga its an experience. Its a challenging but relatively low impact class which is great for runners or anyone with sore joints. It welcomes beginners with open arms as its repetition (26 postures twice) gives good grounding and helps to build stamina.

Bikram was were it all started for LYS 10 years ago! Estelle our founder trained with Bikram in LA and brought the concept back to Liverpool. The classes won the hearts of the city bringing experienced and completely ‘new to yoga’ people together… they LYS community was born!

A full 90 minute class requires determination and stamina, if you want to feel good about yourself after class, then this class is for you.

The postures them-selves are split between a standing and floor series. We can almost hear Estelle’s voice as we take our first backbend..”fall back, way back…”

Bikram will help to shape your body and mind, it has also been said that it even aids weight-loss. Whilst we cant guarantee you weight-loss we can guarantee you a ‘yoga feel good vibe’ after the class.

Join our amazing Danielle, one of Estelle’s first ever students at LYS who has now became the most gifted Yoga teacher for this 90 minute ‘experience’ dedicated all to you!

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