LYS Meet Up Saturday Feb 13th


For me, one of the most significant pillars that holds LYS life up is our love for connection and community. This love as well as holding LYS practice to its highest standard also underpins our moral code, we are an inclusive community we not only believe that all you need is love we also promote one love, and our aim is to bring as many people together with a sense of real community as we can. 

Throughout development of the LYS platform the guiding principle was, how can we make an online community as close, connected and supported as our real-life Liverpool Yoga Studio’s , one of the answers to this is our LYS meet ups!!!! 

It is our plan across the year to do at least 4 meet ups giving our community an opportunity to come together, to inspire and lift each other up on their unique journeys. 

Our first meet up will take place in February at Liverpool yoga studios where the LYS dream started, this will be a unique opportunity to immerse yourself for a day at LYS take your favourite teachers classes and tutorials, in real time with opportunities for Q&As as well as the most delicious nourishing foods. 

The day will start at 8am with good morning yoga and goal setting and will conclude at 7pm with a chakra meditation and awakening, with Fitness, Yoga, Dance and Pilates fun throughout the day In addition. There will be opportunities for one to ones with our team for you to set goals more personal to you. 

Our LYS meet up’s will not only help you reach your goals it will also allow you to make new ones and set group challenges as well as individual ones. The magic of our LYS meet ups is when students come together to take on a challenge themselves, we have found first hand(from our studio experience) that when the challenge is done in a group the results are insane . Working in groups ignites accountability and a commitment to the team, so on the days we feel we can’t do it for ourselves we can always do it for the team! 

We can’t wait to meet our new LYS team see you on February 13th x