When You Cant Get Enough Sleep – Mindset is Everything!

After a very restless nights sleep and if I am an honest a very restless few weeks of travelling and moving.

I have truly had to up my positive inner talk game!

When I am so busy and lacking sleep that is when my my self sabotage talk can kick in.

So I have to parent myself to tell the negative talk where to go  Believe me my mum would never let anyway talk to me the way I talk to myself sometimes!

When my Lennon won’t allow me sleep (Lennon’s been having growing pains) I have to give myself a positive mindset!

Lack of sleep can lead to a low mood, low mood can lead to low confidence and low productivity. Low productivity can lead to anxiety of not get “anything done” thus further negative self-talk!But if I can catch myself at the low mood, I can end the vicious cycle!

Lennon and I spent most of the night on the couch where the only time he would settle was if Paw Patrol was on ( I did start to think he was having me on  just to watch Chase!)

Anyway, he finally went to sleep and we got in bed at 5.30am!

I said to myself as I was going to sleep feeling grumpy, turn this around! Tell yourself you have had a lovely sleep have an hour now of blissful sleep that will get you through the day!

I set my alarm for 7, got up before the kids. Had my very necessary coffee and did a few stretches and little meditation.

Honestly I felt like I had a good nights sleep because I did not let my mind get the better of me.

From experience two things that could have made not sleeping worse for me. One would have been not resetting before I went to sleep and two not setting the alarm to get up before Lennon and Mikey and Jas.

Setting a good mood before sleep is so important and that is why during my 21 days with Estelle, we have our evening bed time ritual.

Bed Time rituals help with a blissful nights sleep and awakening with a beautiful mood. ( see also my previous blog on blue light)

Your self care Rituals and mindset are everything.

Part of my self care will always be movement and meditation and I find when I move my body first then I am ready to mediate because I have released stagnate energy from the body!

I like to avoid carrying negative energy from the previous day, so both my bedtime and morning rituals help me to do this! Especially when I have had limited sleep! Even if it means dancing round with Lennon in the morning, I get my body moving and if on the occasions when Lennon is up with me, I take the opportunity to cuddle on the couch with him and that is another form of meditation!

You have to do what works for you and the more you set rituals of self-care for yourself the more you can adapt them for everywhere!

You don’t just have to do yoga on a mat or meditate on your mediation pillow, when it becomes an integral part of your life you can do it everywhere! and believe me I do!

But it all starts with a positive which mindset serves as your foundation.

Your beliefs, your thoughts, and your feelings determine the actions that you take on a daily basis.

That’s why I like to use these 3 little words!


Believe you are worth feeling good! Tell yourself how amazing you are! yes there might be challenges but you absolutely got this one step at a time!

Remember nothing lasts for ever, if like me your having sleepless nights your 2 year old won’t be 2 forever. Embrace all the moments, even the 3 am ones watching Paw Patrol

Behave in a way to honour your beautiful self, treat yourself like the most expensive jewel with lots of tender love and care! Nurture and nourish yourself!

If you want to shine you have to shine from within first! So the more you Believe in yourself the more your behaviour can match your Belief!

Everyday you are on your journey to become! Don’t wait for the right time to become who you want to be! When the kids are older or when you lose a bit of weight!

Start your journey to becoming now! I wanted to become an online yoga and fitness teacher………so I have had to have the belief, that I can do it.

I then have to do my own workouts plus put myself out there in videos online (even if I didn’t think they where perfect) I had to start to my journey to become! If I would’ve waited for me to think my videos where perfect, the moment would not of come.

I started my online journey 2 years ago when Lennon was 6 months old, if my belief in myself had not been strong, or my behaviour had not matched my belief, I would not be on this journey of becoming my best self!

I don’t want to wake up in 40 years and wish I would of tried and believed in myself more!

I want to be proud of myself that I have gave life my best shot!

It is my goal to leave this world with a little bit more light, than when I found it!

If you have a toddler hangover or even just a life hangover, click the link for my energising yoga sequence, your journey to becoming starts now!

You are the light and you deserve to shine at your brightest!

I will see you there!