Prenatal Yoga Class now available!

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What better time to connect to your body mind and soul then when your pregnant!


Prenatal yoga can improve  sleep, reduce stress and anxiety as well Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, what’s not to love! If you are suffering from lower back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath prenatal yoga will help you to mobilize the body and the breath helping to relieve these symptoms in the run up to your birth.


My real connection to yoga magically happened when pregnant with my first child Mikey. Before pregnancy I think it had been more like just movement of the body, rather than movement with the body. I started to cultivate a connection with my soul. I feel very blessed that in those moments I was able to connect to the soul of my unborn child.

The precious memories of my prenatal classes, the experience of two souls breathing together are very special. My prenatal practice has given me blissful pregnancies with strong mum and child bonds encased in calmness even in birth. The focus a prenatal practice provides equips the body for a speedy post birth recovery for both body and mind.


Because of my magical experiences with yoga throughout my pregnancies, teaching pregnancy yoga has become a great love of mine. I feel truly blessed to share this experience far and wide thanks to technology and the LYS platform. Alice is 37 weeks on the video so as you can see the sequence is  totally achievable in the latter stages of pregnancy. I am so pleased to also announce that Alice’s beautiful baby Rocky has now come into the world!!! Look out for more Alice as she works through my postnatal programs available at LYS Life!