The Professional Woman’s Toolkit Launching Soon

It’s time to integrate your health with your wealth.

We spend on average 2080 hours per year in work. For some of us our work life is our life, we think about our work life when we wake up, when we pour our first coffee, as we drop the kids off at school or kiss our partner goodbye…

Can you relate?

If so, do you wonder how much of our work life….we take home with us?

There is no doubt that our working life is important, it’s what keeps us financially balanced, our ambitions satisfied and alive and empowered as women. Therefore it makes sense to us that we spend time focusing on us, in that space and working on how we can excel at it. By excelling this can be a mixture of things it doesn’t have to mean topping this years sales target (but it can). It can be small things like, reduced anxiety each morning, a reset method to shake off a challenging telephone call, leaving you balanced and ready to move on to the next task!

So the next question is…..do you currently have a ‘you’ routine?

What do we mean by a ‘you’ routine? Do you exercise regularly? Maybe your meditate each day, whatever it is maybe if you have one, great! If you don’t then it’s ok, everyone will start the ‘Professional Women’s Toolkit’ at the same level. The beauty of the toolkit is that we are expanding your ‘you’ routine, in-fact we are enhancing it! This toolkit will help you curate and tweak your ‘you’ routine to provide life enhancing, mental health balancing, body loving habits, that will literally rock your working world!

Launching Soon….

The Professional Women’s Toolkit will be a video series accompanied by an E-Book that will be available to purchase October 2022. If you would like to be first inline to receive one of the limited first 20 sale discounts, drop us an email info@mylyslife.com. Keep an eye to our socials for more information and some video sneak peeks!