Why our LIVE Schedule is here to stay!

3 May – Calendar2

Hey Everyone it’s Vicky here from LYS.

May 17th is a few days away….

The UK is awaiting the re-opening of more amazing places we to love to visit…including the LYS Flagship Studio in Liverpool. We have been inundated with questions asking if our LIVE schedule will still be here next week?

Our reply is, Yes Yes Yes!

The LYS Live schedule has been revamped with new class start times and longer classes! The LYS LIVE community is a huge focus for us here at LYS. The community vibe it brings is priceless. It was never our intention to create the LIVE schedule just during lockdown. It was designed to be the heartbeat of the LYS Life platform.

During Lockdown the highs and lows of online class technology were tested to the limits!! We thought on our feet and our class schedule appeared.

The experience of a LIVE class is amazing!

The LIVE class experience from the minute you book to that final goodbye is brilliant because you are in control.  Firstly, we start with the pre-class experience. Many of our members are super busy, so the allocation of ‘me’ time is almost a privilege. Therefore it has to be easily accessible. The ability to click a button, await an email is about as much prep as you need to do. Using me for example, I finish feeding the kids, wash the dishes and then leave the hubby downstairs on daddy duty with 5 mins to spare. I dive into my gym clothes and I’m on. To me this is my green light to exercise. As a mum of 3 to train at the studio(my place of work) is really difficult. I have an 1hrs commute in total, plus the class which would be 60mins and that’s not allowing time for quick chats. So one class could cost me the best part of two and half hours and if I want to train 4 times a week! Well it’s a non starter.

“For me LIVE classes work”

I know that I am not alone in feeling this way. There are so many factors that come into play when planning your workout routine. What can happen is that these factors become blockers. The energy that is needed to remove or negotiate the blockers can be more intense than the workout itself! So going back to what I said earlier, it has to be easy and has to be accessible. The LIVE classes are us bringing the studio to you. No commute, no parking, so having to arrive 15mins before your class or take a shower after. When your time is limited all these come at a cost so why not make things easier, take a class in your bedroom 2 mins away.

Here’s one for the ladies

During my recent 30 Day Summer FIT Plan my workout routine post baby needed to be reestablished. This also coincided with my first period  since my daughter. Now, had I of needed to attend a class in the studio, I would not have felt comfortable for obvious reasons.However, being at home in my bedroom, in my dark pants 2 seconds away from my bathroom I felt empowered. There was not one element of self consciousness. During one class I even managed to change my leggings in a rest period. A luxury I would not have had at the studio.

The Self Empowerment is real!

The truth is it works and it’s only fear or blockers that are preventing anyone from experiencing this themselves. As the Gen Manager for LYS Digital and Studio I adore both businesses and all their attributes. They are both beams of light that shine on their communities bringing the ‘feel good.’ Over the next two weeks the boundaries between the physical and digital will merge ever so slightly with some classes streaming directly from LYS in Liverpool. How incredible is it that our members of both worlds will get to train together at 6:30am in the morning?


For me it’s about owning my options and making it work for me.

I was worried slightly about being so honest about how much I love training online. I thought that maybe it might seem like I’m picking a favourite studio or class. Then I realised I was being stupid! Training in person is amazing, training online is amazing. The key is making the experience work for you and that’s all that matters. I guess we are just very lucky to be able to provide both experiences.


We have members online in London and Yorkshire, Madrid and Gibraltar and for them the online platform is the physical studio. Daily now we are welcoming more and more people to the online community and it’s our goal to get to see them all at a LIVE class.

The power is yours.

So for everyone asking the LIVE schedule is here to stay! For everyone who is yet to try it I promise you will be glad that you did. Remember you can have your camera off if you wish there is no pressure.

If anyone would like to chat with me over the LIVE’s drop me an email at vicky@mylyslife.com or drop me a DM on instagram https://www.instagram.com/vicky_lyslife/