Forgive Yourself To Free Yourself

No one is perfect we all become frustrated and angry some times!

There is a lot of tension tension and  frustration in the world right now as people await a shift! a second coming the need for renewal and rebirth!
I for one feel like I am bubbling over with all the negativity. Fear and anger from the past few months and years have all come to the service.  But we have to allow ourselves to feel all these emotions in order to let go!

Glennon Doyle says it best “you are not a mess you are a feeling person in a messy world”

Meditation is helping me get through these feelings of being sensitive and overwhelmed. Almost everything and everyone is touching my soul Right now!
From the women in Starbucks who shouted at me to put my mask on, on Saturday.
To Lennon who wet the bed this morning. I feel so bad for showing Lennon I was not happy about his accident…….I  mean it’s not his fault he is only 2 god love him ❤️and nothing that is going on in the world or my world is his fault and that’s the true reason I was inpatient with him this morning!

Feel like I am climbing a mountain everyday! Mountain of emotion!

But that’s ok I have to free myself to forgive myself and so do you 🙏 and with that comes forgiveness of the world and all that we have been through as a collective!
So Today I will climb the mountain and hope for more peace in my heart I just want me/you/he/she to be free!
But you know what the moment I start to climb the mountain of today I begin to realise I am the creator of the path up the mountain……..so it’s up to me to create the path of the least resistance!
The path of least resistance is our metaphorical pathway that provides the least resistance. The path of the least resistance will move us forward to our dreams!
According to Esther Hicks (the teachings of Abraham) every time you have a desire, Source immediately creates it for you in your vortex.
So the more you desire peace the more Peace will come for you! You put peace into the vortex, the next step is to align with it.
In order to manifest your dreams into the Physical world align to the energy of the desire!
If you answer with peace and love you will then receive it!
The best way to align your energy is to follow the path of the least resistance. You feel more love and peace when you are not wasting energy with resistance!

Remember if the door does not open it is not your door 🔐(this is what we learn within our 21 days to FLY meditation)

Following the path of least resistance simply means that you prioritise feeling good over anything else that happens.
But this takes some training 💪you have to train your  logical mind to stop thinking about potential problems, obstacles, or worries, and instead focus on the joy that is already around you.
To be honest because of the loss of my mother in law recently me and my family have been in trauma and when this happens your logical minds starts to think as myn did “what next” and you can create potential problems by thinking of them 🙏❤️
So today let’s focus on beauty and joy, and raise our vibration to enter into receiving mode. At that point, we/me/you/ she/ he will begin to feel inspired to action.
If you act on your inspiration you will be led to synchronicity. Synchronicity will help you to create and manifest all your dreams and desires.
so lets dream Big and Desire Strong