When everything is changing You must remain



You know what sometimes I struggle knowing where I am supposed to be and when!


When to work In balance with being a mum?


When to be a wife fitting into a time when actually it suits my husband? We are both self employed so there is no 9-5. Trying to schedule time together for a date child free is a job in itself!


I love the freedom being an entrepreneur gives me. However at times it is hard to switch off! Particularly at times of growth you don’t want to miss the opportunity’s.


My passion for my Business is huge they really are my other babies and I believe a legacy I will leave long after I have gone!


My LYS life, my YogaBears and studio in Liverpool have my whole heart and soul! Which to be honest can be soul wrenching and heart breaking at times! But the highs of helping others lift to the sky’s is so worth it!


I have built a business to not just provide for my family but a business that is and will make a massive impact in this world!


But the truth is half the time I haven’t a clue if it’s going to work! Or if it all is going to come together.


But somehow it does? when I reflect back on the past 11 years in business there have been so many struggles but we still standing in fact we are rising 🦋


Nevertheless I wish that I could sit with myself in 40 years time and my older self tell me it is all going to work out just keep doing what you’re doing!



There are days when I just need that little bit extra assurance



I know the yoga works, I know the fitness works, I know YogaBears benefits so many children and teachers. 


I know the FLY life has helped me and so many in my goddess community. But what if I spend too much time on one thing over another.


Sometimes it takes me 1 hour to sort my to-do list then by the time I get into the task I have delegated myself it’s time to pick the kids up or make dinner. 


The magic of teaching is that no one can disturb me then, I am laughing to myself as I write this I have a vision of Michael and the kids watching me as I teach and knowing all the requests of me have to wait!


Teaching online for me is like one big do not disturb sign to my family hehe.


Not always having the do not disturb sign can be frustrating but then I have to remind myself why I am doing it all?



I do it to move freely with my family and the only constraints are the ones I put on myself!


The ones that tell me where I should be, what I should be doing or the even more dangerous ones of comparison to others. (more of this in my FLY ebook)


The constant chatter and to do list is not my Boss I am my own Goddess Boss!


The truth is I should not be anywhere else then the place that I am, the here and the now!




By being in the here and now  I am not chasing I am attracting the life of dreams!


Don’t chase attract!


You attract by raising your vibration! You raise your vibration by dedicating time to you and the people you love the most not by becoming a slave to your to do list!


You raise your vibration by becoming  the vibe you want to attract and I certainly don’t want to attract stress. 


I want to attract more love and light so i have to become it! Become the change i want to see in the world! Our we brainwashed to be ‘busy’ in my opinion the most successful people are the people who are happy and content!





Being content is my most favourite feeling in the world! You know that feeling you get when your all snuggled in bed of a night and the kids are too, as a mum you cant beat that feeling of knowing everyone is happy and safe!


Not every night is like this if there are tantrums and tired kids, and husbands. But it does not serve me to become that energy ( although sometimes I do!) I have to be calm in the storm otherwise I create a hurricane. 




So I have to be the change in my household. I want to see and feel…….happy and content!




You have to become the change to see and feel the change



Be the change you want to see in the world it all starts with you! Being stressed out is not going to raise your vibe to facilitate you becoming the change! Its all energy you are putting into your bank so make it the most free flowing and nurturing not toxic so it literally gets stuck and so do you!


My family and my business feed my soul! However By putting my vision out there, I sometimes feel completely naked and vulnerable.


what if nobody likes it, 

what if nobody comes,

 what if I don’t earn enough money this month!


Yes but what if?…….

You help someone

What if everyone who comes needed it

 What if you earn more money doing what you love because you have removed the energy of chasing that is blocking you?

what if that feeling of happiness and contentment is only one breath away!


I am writing this as much as a message to myself as to you. The beginning of the Year has not been easy moving again and dealing with grief.


Last year was not easy and because of that I felt myself getting pulled in by the effects of trauma, thinking of the bad things that can happen (that is a whole other blog coming soon) instead of remembering I am the creator!


I hope this little insight into my mind and life can help you realise that you are the creator too!


Lets create magic together the do list can wait hehe.



Why not find that breathe and get creating with my shooting star flow mylyslife.com/classes/yoga-flow-shooting-star/


see you there!