Why ‘Everybody’ can have a ‘Summer Body’ they love this Summer?


The LYS 30 Day Summer FIT plan has now been LIVE for 21 days! This 30 Day ‘clean’ eating plan is designed to help everybody (and we mean everybody!) get into shape this summer. So far the plan has taken everyone by surprise with people achieving weight loss reductions of 8lb, 9lb in week 1!! The feedback has been incredible so we asked Estelle the creator of the plan, what’s it all about and where’s it came from?


Q1 – When you created this plan, did you have any particular person in mind?

“No I literally had everybody in mind, whether you’re a meat eater or a vegan , someone just starting their fitness journey, hitting the menopause or just someone who loves to workout everyday. The plan is a lifestyle it’s a weightloss program but it’s an education, honestly its life changing!”

Q2 – How did you put the plan together?

“After the birth of my youngest Lennon I started to incorporate a lower carb, higher natural fat into my diet. I also reduced my refined sugar intake and built myself a nutritious meal plan that helped me maintain my work schedule, my mummy schedule and my training schedule with the focus and commitment I need to give 100percent everyday! Most people know that I’m a vegan and have been for 12 years now, so creating this was a challenge. I promise there is so little inspiration for anything like this on the market at the moment, I almost feel like what we’ve done is ground breaking, especially for the vegan community!”

Q3 – So why low carbs and higher fats?

“The body’s supply of stored carbohydrates (glycogen) only lasts for a couple of hours, or less. This stored glycogen will fuel you through an intense workout but not much more. However your fat stores carry enough energy to easily last for weeks or even months.When your body is used to burning primarily carbohydrates, as is the case with many of us today, fat stores are not easily available, and they can’t fuel your brain…….and along comes that hangry feeling! You then find that you are constantly having to fill up by eating just to fuel your daily activities and avoid ‘hanger.’ I studied nutrition at degree level and its always fascinated me how food literally can control our everything and especially our moods.”

“The LYS plan literally removes the hunger! The body and brain are fueled 24-7 by your non processed powerful fat stores, which helps you to keep going just like the Energizer Bunny hehe”


Q4 – What about the sugar cravings?

“This is such an extra bonus of our plans! I’ve actually designed it to reduce sugar cravings. Carbs and refined sugar trigger feel good chemicals for a quick hit of endorphins. Our plans keep you satisfied by the consistent intake of good fats.  A good example is an avocado. The good fats from the avocado have a powerful and sustainable impact on your endorphins levels and mood!”

“Which means…. no sugar or carb spiking just a consistent feeling of feel good. You don’t even have to worry about portion sizes because we have that figured out and tailored made for you.”


Q5 – How much exercise is involved?

“Ahh the million dollar question!! The truth is, if we eat anything in excess and are in an energy surplus (eating more than what we are burning) it will be stored as fat and we will gain weight. The idea of the plan is to get rid of the surplus by committing to 60 mins training per day! We offer people access to over 100 professionally pre-recorded workout videos via the LYS Platform. We also have a busy LIVE class schedule that everyone can join in with and workout together!”


Q6 – Is the plan just for those who want to lose weight?

“No our plans are not just amazing for those who want to lose weight. They are also ideal for those who want to get fitter and stronger. The plans also are an education into clean eating! We have several people on the plan who do not want to lose weight but just eat healthier. If you have seen any of the feedback so far, overwhelmingly people are saying that they feel amazing! That’s no coincidence, a clean eating diet is a magical combination for the body!Something I have experienced as a vegan is a big tummy bloat due to excessive carbohydrate intake. Carbs are not just in breads and pastas but vegetables too and this is why an educated approach helps you relieve the bloat and get the balance.”


Q7 – Are you shocked at the results so far?

“Honestly no! I’m just so happy that people are feeling amazing! I knew people would lose weight, I knew they would be healthier. I’m just super happy everyone feels the same!”


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