Welcome to your LYS Life


Welcome to your LYS life, the life you dream about, manifest and make happen all by learning to love yourself exactly as you are. 

You don’t have to change in this moment, but you have the power to become who you are destined to be. Have you had that voice inside that’s been niggling at you to move forward but self-limiting beliefs and even self-sabotage have been holding you back……not anymore! 

LYS life is about learning to become aware of these behaviours, thoughts and emotions and releasing them to the sky. Through yoga, fitness and mindful practice, you can make time and create energy to dream and manifest. putting your energy into your dreams wholeheartedly. 

My name is Estelle, and I am the creator and CEO of my LYS, welcome to the foundation stage of your personal, spiritual, physical and emotional growth and let me tell you I am right there with you on this journey, we are in this together. 

The foundation classes you are about to embark on have been carefully orchestrated by myself to not only honour our bodies as they are but also to become aware of our hidden superpowers that you may or may not be aware, so you can literally grow and transform together. 

I started my journey as a teacher and studio owner in Liverpool, teaching many different styles, never happiest when I was creating new styles not aimed at “yoga bodies” but everybody! so we can all feel the release and freedom of yoga including children and it was at Liverpool Yoga Studios that the very first class of YogaBears was taught, which is now a trusted yoga method based around our superpowers taught across the UK and in Spain.

After 5 years of the studio being open and Liverpool Yoga Studios thrived, I moved to Spain to focus on retreats and YogaBears while also if I’m honest to have a year off to get married and spend quality time with my family after spinning a very busy wheel of the studio for 5 years with 2 children under 5. 

During this time my son Lennon was born and with him came the passion and drive to build a community online just like the one I had created in Liverpool which has often been called a family and people’s safe space. So in 2019 I started to create content for My LYS life obviously not knowing what 2020 was about to hold and when the lockdowns hit it became even more apparent that my LYS community would now be needed more than ever. 

The first step was to  grow my LYS team who are my favourite teachers all uniquely different, giving an inclusive feel to My LYS, with Yoga, Pilates and Fitness all of which I love. You can follow my postnatal journey through many of the Yoga and Fitness videos, and I can honestly say since beginning the creation of this platform, I have never felt stronger and more powerful because I have fully embodied the LYS life. 

It’s your time to do the same. LYS is a lifestyle and we will help guide you with regular real content that works, we try and test on ourselves first so you can feel the results and reap the rewards and we can thrive together !

Whatever you need LYS has it and it’s only going to grow, we have food plans, journal plans classes you can take at your leisure as well weekly Live Classes, Posture Clinics, Coaching and we already have our first LYS meet up scheduled for February which I am most excited about because all our students and teachers can meet in person and take class under one roof to inspire each other on their onward journey. 

I can’t wait to meet you all, see you on the mat. 

Estelle x