With Estelle


Well done on making the daily commitment of 60 minutes each day, dedicated to you and your growth. Think of the caterpillar as it completes its metamorphosis into a butterfly, this is you ?

Every day you will practice:

  • 20mins Fitness
  • 20mins Yoga
  • 20mins Inner Reflection

This is our magical transformative formula. We have used the ancient philosophy of chakras to inspire our super forces, each super force has a spinning wheel of energy in the body that we strengthen and ignite during your Transform practice.

Throughout your workout you will be given prompts to entice feelings and emotions to rise to the surface. During your inner reflection time you will journal around the inner force, creating a stronger, more powerful, aligned inner force.

In this program

  • Classes7
  • StyleMeditation
  • Avg Duration60 Min
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