Life is hard love is harder

Today I did not get any balloons, flowers, perfume or chocolates. But what I did get was a house full of love this morning from my husband and our babies together!


My husband picked me up late last night from the airport as I have been doing a YogaBears teacher training in Liverpool.

So at malaga airport the family was reunited as I had Lennon and Jas with me and Mikey stayed with his dad.


I love any opportunity to celebrate love, but unfortunately I think valentines can be an anticlimax for some as they feel let down when the day (or partner does not reach their expectations)


Therefore expectations of others could leave us feeling disappointed and maybe that feeling of being disappointed leaves us feeling unworthy



This unworthiness May then be fuelled by images of grand gestures on insta or declarations of love ( all hopefully authentic) which makes you feel “why don’t I get that”



Truth is everyone’s love languages are different But if you don’t honour and know your own love language how can anyone else!



This is a lesson I have learnt within 21 years of being with my husband


I am obsessed with the chakras, so obsessed I have based my whole YogaBears philosophy around them!

The seven chakras are the main energy centres of the body. You’ve probably heard people talk about “unblocking” their chakras.


Unblocking your chakras refers to the idea that when all of our chakras are open, energy aka love can run through them freely. So your love language can be chakra balanced love.



When love can run freely harmony is created between the body, mind, and soul.


So you truly feel FLY 🦋  It is my belief that when you First Love Yourself the magic will happen!


 In my relationship with my husband we have become stronger the more I have lived my FLY life.


FLY life is the consequence of me becoming confident and soul full (for more of this check out my 21 days) and I believe having an awareness of the chakras has helped me to do this.

So Here are the 7 chakras in our body, their function and in my view their relation to the language of love!


The root chakra is the first chakra of the body and is located in the base of the spine.


Its role is to connect your mind, body and soul with the Earth.

This chakra is feminine by nature and gives us the feeling of being close to the earth.

It is known to keep us grounded and connected with the energy of the earth which helps us feel nurtured, safe and secure!

The love language of this chakra is being both a nurturer offering safety and security to others with love, tenderness and care.

As well as offering safety and security. This chakra also ignites its power when you feel content, connected and nurtured by your loved ones.


Therefore this chakra wheel spins most effectively when you do not over take the role of looking after, or being looked after. It truly is about balance to feel security in a relationship!



The second chakra the sacral is located right below the belly button.


This chakra is associated with the lymphatic system and is responsible for expressing emotions. It also helps you to get in touch with your sexual desires.


Wow how much power can one chakra have in a relationship! Being able to show emotion in a relationship is power, it is not all love hearts and cupid bows!


Sometimes the ones you love the most can make you the most sad and angry. It is important for any relationship that you have a healthy way to release these feelings to keep this chakra flowing and love growing.


In my experience it never works to let emotions build up or they become overflowing!

However I also think its important to have a ‘cooling off period’ if your emotions become triggered find a moment and quiet space to reflect cool down, have a cry if needed.


The cooling off period will help you find the right time to talk when you feel more in your power!


A balanced sacral chakra will also allow you to feel sexy and fulfill your sexual desires! and yes woman have desires too!


Relating back to our root chakra it is when we feel both safe and secure in a relationship that we can truly get playful and let our sexy chakra energy flow! So we feel both empowered and free.



The third chakra the solar plexus is located behind the naval region below the rib cage.



It is associated with self-confidence, self-commitment and wisdom. This chakra is also responsible for the ‘gut feeling’. , Gut feeling is getting a cue that something or someone isn’t right for you.




For me there is nothing more sexy, than someone who is self confident and self commited so I became it!


I have found the more confident and self committed to myself I am the more my partnership with my husband has flourished!


There is no resentment of me giving too much away because I give to myself first. The times when I let life takeover and let the commitment to myself slip is when my relationship suffers!


Therefore the better the relationship with yourself the better your relationship.


If you have a good relationship with yourself then you will be in full power to listen to your gut instinct that a person is not right for you!


Better to be happy and soulful single, than miserable in a relationship with somebody, so let that solar chakra spin!
The fourth chakra is known as the heart chakra and is associated with love and compassion.


It is located in the centre of the chest and not where the actual organ lies (but I like to v. This chakra is responsible for emotional healing and sound mental health.


This is probably the most obvious chakra related to love and relationships however a person can not heal if there lower chakras are blocked.


The combination of your lower chakras will help you to be able to heal with security, confidence and emotional connection.


By having the power to heal this chakra. You have the power of real love to move forward in current relationships or moving towards others without carrying past relationships.





I truly believe the more open hearted you are the more love comes to you! tuning into the language of the chakras truly allows us to do this.




The fifth chakra is your truth chakra and associated with voicing your expressions and being creative.




The throat chakra is located above the heart at the middle of your throat and is responsible for expressing the truth and sharing your opinion with others.



How essential this is to any effective relationship! Personally I could not be in a relationship if I had to be anything but myself!



I have been with my husband since I was 19 so there have been lots of characters I have played and reinventions made. But they where all true to myself and are responsible for who I have become…………somebody who truly loves herself!



If you are in a relationship and you do not feel comfortable sharing your truth. Your throat chakra will become blocked. You can literally feel like you are choking!


Please let you truth out, anyone who truly loves you will embrace your truth! If they do not embrace your truth they may not deserve you!


The sixth chakra is your third eye which is associated with living your dreams, literally living your best life.



This chakra gives you the power to connect with your true self.  To connect with your dreams of who you came here to become!



When you know who you came here to become, it becomes a lot easier for you to know who you came here to be with!


For me I found who I came here to be with, before I found who I came here to become, and I am so grateful for that!


Afterall a dream you dream together becomes reality! If someone is not dreaming your dream maybe they are not part of who you became here to be!


Just like you should keep your chakra wheels free. Keep your energy space free for what is meant for you! holding onto a relationship that is not meant to be could be keeping you from your best dream life!



The seventh chakra is the crown chakra and responsible for the direct connection with the divine. I believe we have the divine within us all, pure love and light that brings absolute joy!


Balancing this chakra will help you gain insight into yourself and balance your other chakras. Thus balancing your crown chakra is the ultimate tool for a happy relationship.


The more you have insight into your true self and know you are pure love and light, the more you can see that love and light in your partner and they can see it in you! The ultimate goal!




If your ultimate goal is love and light, come and join my next FLY holistic 21 days where we will take a journey through our chakras to our best selves! //mylyslife.com/lys-life/21-days-with-estelle-holistic-wellness-plan/