First Love Yourself that is the ultimate Motivation!

Is motivation going to get you through Monday or any other day



Maybe you need something more soul fuelled and energising than motivation maybe that Something is you!

No body is going to do it for you, you have to be your own best friend what ever your goal is ask yourself how can I get there and start the journey!


The journey to becoming is not going to be easy, don’t set yourself up to fail set yourself up to overcome the challenges!

You might get tired with early mornings

It will be hard starting something new

It might be soul destroying getting rejected when you begin your new buisiness

It may be hard to let go of toxic people to move forward

People may Evan ridicule you but that wont matter because you will be doing YOU!

Believe in your dreams.

Behave like your dreams are happening (if your dream is to have your dream body living in MacDonald’s is not going to support it! going the gym will!)

Become, the more your behaviour aligns with your dream the more you will make it happen

But you cant rely on motivation to get you there!

Motivation is like an emotion it is short lived!

Yesterday my husband and I planned our first run of the year, I enjoy running at the end!

When I get the boost of endorphins however it is certainly not my favourite thing! but I know it is good for my fitness!


My goal as someone in the Yoga and fitness industry is always to lead by example and be my best self !

Running is a behaviour that helps me do this!

Running is the opposite to a hangover the fun for me comes at the end! what I feeling it is!

The amazing feeling is what motivates me to run however I had to feel the feeling before I could motivate myself!


On my journey of self improvement I have to parent myself, when i want to get up early to have me time before the kids wake up I use a stern voice “get up Estelle or you will regret it later” and that voice is right!

I know getting up early makes me feel good! but I had to do it first.


It is essential we all make time for self care and self connection. Sometimes  during my mornings I will meditate, teach or finish writing blogs (like this morning) but its all for me and I am strict with myself to make it happen!

Therefore you have to give yourself a hard time to have a good time!


Motivation will go as quick as it comes, yesterday I woke motivated to run but as the morning went on I started to make excuses ‘I need to sort the apartment” I need to finish some work’ ‘I am too tired’


All of the above felt true however I done the 5k run anyway!

I done it because my end goal is to be the best me. Running is a behaviour that is aligned with that!


I am very connected to my inner calling (becoming my best self)

The more you are connected to your inner calling the more you can do hard things!

When you start to step outside your comfort zone mylyslife.com/health/your-truth-is-your-super-power/

you will become overcome with Fear! I know I was and still am at times!


If you have not prepared yourself for the ups and downs of the journey instead of motivation kicking in self sabotage will (to read more mylyslife.com/lys-life/21-days-with-estelle-holistic-wellness-plan/

So today if you woke up ready for it to be the first and best day of the rest of your life!

But today you have got up late and lost motivation that is OK. Do what ever you planned to do anyway!

You do not need motivation when you have you supporting you!

Today do what ever it takes to be the best version of you!

If you want to connect to your best self come and join my Next 21 days to FLY!
First Love Yourself that is the ultimate Motivation!