Transform FLY – First Love Yourself

With Transform FLY - First Love Yourself


Welcome to Week Four – Love. What does it mean to be loved? To embody love, you have to cultivate love for yourself, love the true you, especially your Perceived imperfections. To create more love for yourself Transform is an amazing way for you to create a daily ritual that honours who you are, transforming to honour the beautiful goddess within. I truly believe that the more you love yourself the more light that will come in your life and allow you to F.L.Y – First Love Yourself.

Imagine a world where we all loved ourselves, let’s make it happen!

Reflect: What do you love about yourself

Manifest: What do you not love about yourself? If it is physical; Take away negative self talk about your body does not serve you, start to speak about your body with love make ”I love my body” your mantra paying particular attention to the parts of your body that need extra love. If it is from previous behaviour; learn from it and move on past behaviours do not define you.

Reflect: What makes you love?

Manifest: Show more love for yourself and help others to love themselves. If there are challenging people or events send them love and the circle of love will come back towards you.

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  • Duration60 minutes
  • PropsMat
  • LevelIntermediate
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