The FAB Four & My Fab Four Classes ~ Estelle

Estelle beatles pic

Did you know all the magic comes from Liverpool 😆 I mean look at the Fab Four themselves ⁠

The Beatles have always had such a huge impact on my life. My dad adored the Beatles and they hold an extra special place in my heart 🥰 . ⁠

The beatles knew that ‘All you need is love!’ and I take this inspo everyday when creating and directing LYS Life! ⁠

To honour the Fab Four and to share the LYS ‘LOVE vibe’ Here are my Fab Four classes currently on the LYS platform that incorporate the fabulous integral parts of yoga movement, breathing, mediation and of course fabulous fun!⁠

*Shooting Star Flow to get you energized🙌🏼⁠

*Splits Tutorial to get those sexy hips moving ⁠

*Awaken Your Muladhara to ground and connect ⁠

*FLY Fitness to help you love your fabulous self🥰 ⁠

You can find this classes by clicking the link in my bio! LYS Life has a 14 day free trial, so take a class on us and LMK what’s your fav🤩⁠

Pic Cred ~ @helenboast