Yoga Instructor


Hi my name is Sarah. I have been practising yoga on and off since I was a teenager but never really stuck to it up until 5 years ago when I had an injury which lead me to practising yoga up to 5 times a week and completely changed my life and led me to become a YogaBears teacher and then an adult teacher. Up until very recently I was a sister in A&E and now I get to live a life of magic everyday by doing something I love!! I love all things magic and sparkly. I love rainbows and am often found wearing all the colours of the rainbow. I love to dream, I love to sing, dance and laugh. I do not think there is anything better than turning the music up and singing and dancing around the kitchen. I believe that in everyday is a gift and we should believe in the magic of our dreams and reach for the stars.

  • Speciality: Vinyasa, Restorative, Childrens, Spiritual
  • Courses: 5