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Welcome to Week Two – Creativity.

Once upon a time because I didn’t paint pictures or design clothes I thought I was not creative, how misinformed I was I did not know that we are all here to create our soul purpose. I have connected to my imagination and creativity more and more throughout the years with yoga and fitness, the release of body and mind through movement. I creates space to breath and grow, space to create.

Creativity allows us to Perceive the world in new ways, we don’t have to live the lives we are told about we are here to create our own, so let’s get creative! Here are some suggestions for your journal this week…

Reflect: What motivates you to be creative?

Manifest: What would you love to create for yourself? What is your soul calling you to create? No matter how wild the ideas might seem write them down.

Reflect: What makes you unique? How can your original ideas help others?

Manifest: More time to be creative more time just to be, your greatest creation will come when you least expect it, you don’t have to force it, you just have to take time to listen ??

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