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This class focuses on ‘Happiness’.Our aim is to cultivate happiness each day through yoga and fitness to feel healthier and get happier! Follow the video and watch my movements you can practice this class everyday for 7 days. By day 3 you will feel the flow as the movements and postures remain the same for the 7 days. On day 7 try to flow without the video, set this as a goal to embody the sequence.

Inner Reflection Time after your 20 minutes fitness & yoga, you will then take the time to reflect on how you feel after 40 minutes of moving your body. Your mind will be open and ready to manifest and reflect, so this is the optimum time for reflection and manifesting. After you complete your yoga practise come up into a cross legged position and meditate for 1-5 minutes try to keep your mind completely still so internal guidance can come in.

Your meditation video follows. After your meditation, use your journal for self reflection focusing on the following titles: Reflect What’s makes you happy? Write down everything and anything.

Manifest: More joy and happiness, make that your go to feeling all the time! Think of your happiest place and make it happen. For example, if being with your family makes you the happiest manifest more of that.

Reflect: If something doesn’t make you happy remember that everything is fixable, you have a choice to remove unhappy feelings from your life.

Manifest: Tools to overcome events or people that make you unhappy. One example could be, if eating unhealthy foods makes you feel unhappy, manifest more time to food prep and eat healthier to feel happier.

At the end of each day write in your journal any thoughts or feelings that have come up, when we free our bodies through movement it is common for buried thoughts and emotions to surface as the body releases. Our journal and self reflection time is an excellent tool to understand and remove energy blocks. Thus, allowing us to transform to be the best version of ourselves.

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  • Duration60 minutes
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  • LevelBeginner
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