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With Transform - Truth


This week we will focus on listening carefully to the inner voice within, our inner truth, not what the world is telling us to be but who we truly are. I believe that by tuning in to our true selves and honouring our uniqueness we shine our light brighter, and the world definitely needs more of our light.

So this week embrace your beautiful self more than ever, remember nothing is impossible the word it self says it all “possible” and anything is, if you set your heart and inner soul to it!

Reflect: Are you living your truth? If you are not, what is holding you back?

Manifest: What is the inner voice telling you? If you could do anything in this world what would you do? Remember miracles can happen!

Reflect: Is there something in your life that does not feel real or truthful?

Manifest: If something does not feel right to you, give less energy to it and more energy to your own truth.

For example if being in nature feels right do more of it if walking around busy shops does not feel right, do less of it. Follow the joy!

About this class

  • Duration60 minutes
  • PropsMat
  • LevelBeginner
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