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Welcome to Week Six – Intuition. This week we will focus on stilling the mind and connecting to our inner guiding system. Let’s Trust the senses of our soul: use our intuition, find our peace, trust our foresight all with endless empathy for ourselves and others. The universe has big plans! What is your soul calling for you to do, what feeds your soul? What do you enjoy? What don’t you enjoy?  The joy or lack of it, is your inner guiding system telling you what is right for you, if it doesn’t fill you with joy it might not be meant for you.

Reflect: What brings you joy? When do you feel the most joyful?

Manifest: What can you do to bring more joy to your life and those of others?

Reflect: What does not bring you joy? What feeds your soul?

Manifest: What is your soul is asking for…..

Is there a new idea that is bubbling away inside of you that you know would bring you more joy? Tune into your idea and give birth to it, your inner guiding system has the plan of action just listen.

Good luck, have an incredible week!

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