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Fire Up The Core

With Jo


Fire your core, Improve your posture, Support your lower back & Tone up!

⭐️Cat-Cow:Posture 1

Flow between Cat-Cow to gently warm up the body, bring flexibility to the spine & stimulate the abdominal muscles.Start on all fours, wrists under your shoulders, knees under your hips, fingertips facing forward, look down keep the back of the neck long.Inhale drop your navel towards the floor, open your chest, look up. Exhale pull your belly in towards your spine, round your back, look under towards your navel.Repeat 3-10 times.

⭐️Balancing Table Pose:Posture 2

This pose improves balance & core strength. From all fours, extend right leg back, hips stay parallel to the floor. Left arm extends to the front shoulder height, back of the neck long, spine in neutral, pull the belly back and up. Hold 5-10 breathes before lowering arm and leg and repeat on the other side.

⭐️Tiger Pose:Posture 3

Stretches the entire front body & is a delicious spinal lengthener & backbend.From balancing table pose, bend the lifted leg, flex the foot so your heel is kicking up to the sky, grab your ankle or foot with the opposite hand and kick up. Hips stay level, pull your belly in to protect the spine.

⭐️Plank: Posture 4

From all fours spread fingers wide, wrist creases parallel with the front of the mat. Step right leg back then left, high plank. Keep everything tight, legs active, belly in, tailbone long. Push the floor away from you to fill the chest, look to the floor in front of you, deep steady breathes. Challenge yourself: Micro-bend elbows towards you, inhale life right leg up hip height hold 10 seconds. Repeat on other leg.

⭐️Side Plank:Posture 5

Place your left hand, knee, foot and right foot in the one line. Right arm up to the sky, stretch up, hips lifting, chest open, lean back. Want more extend left leg out to meet right, feet flexed, ankles stacked, glutes engaged then hand down, knee down. Repeat on other side.

⭐️Boat Pose:Posture 6

Sit with knees bent feet on the floor, hands behind your knees, lift chest, spine straight, belly in and up. Inhale lean back, abdominals engaged, toes lift off the floor. More day feet knee height, more flexible straighten legs. Extend arms parallel to the floor. Hold 3-10 breathes. Exhale feet down, sit with spine straight.

⭐️Crow Pose:Posture 7

From a squat place hands on the mat shoulder width apart, spread fingers wide, lift hips up and being knees to the outside of triceps & squeeze. Look forward, lean forward, belly in towards the spine to stabilise & LIFT OFF!! Have Fun….

About this class

  • Duration15 minutes
  • PropsNone
  • LevelIntermediate
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